I have been fortunate to work with a number of amazing researchers and students.

PhD Students

Toby Thomas – Rapid behaviour adaptation for a marine robot swarm
Chaoyue (Abner) Niu – Vision system for a sparse swarm of off-road robots
Kaustubh Jalundhwala – Off-road robot swarm platform design and development
Luca Capezzuto – Task allocation in large-scale multi-agent teams
Frederick Nash – Evolution and the evolvability of hierarchy


David Bossens – Resilient swarms
Mohammad Divband Soorati – Human-Swarm Teaming

Collaborators present & past

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Dr. Anders Lyhne Christensen
Prof. Jon Timmis
Dr. Jorge Carneiro
Prof. Pedro Lima
Dr. Roderich Gross
Dr. Antoine Cully